rCB Pelletizing Transforms ELTs into Sustainable Solutions

Tire pyrolysis companies and tire recyclers worldwide rely on Mars Mineral pin mixers' continuous, low-maintenance operation to convert rCB into valuable pellets at the optimal size and hardness most coveted by end-users. Pelletizing takes on the environmental challenge caused by the annual disposal of over one billion end-of-life tires (ELTs) and turns them into a sustainable, circular economy solution.

Pelletizing Pin Mixer

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For the past 50+ years, Mars Mineral has manufactured advanced agitation agglomeration or pelletization equipment and offered comprehensive applications experience in:

Lab & Pilot-Scale Testing

Lab & Pilot-Scale Testing

Process Consultation

Process Consultation

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Onsite Technical Consultations & Services

Onsite Technical Consultations & Services

Leaders in Pelletization Technology and Sustainable Solutions

Mars Mineral's commitment to material circularity extends beyond the rCB market. Since 1972, we've served diverse industries, including steel, chemical, and consumer goods, offering comprehensive pelletizing solutions. Mars Mineral manufactures its equipment at its 50,000-sq-ft (4645-sq-m) facility in Mars, Pennsylvania, USA, 20 miles (35 km) north of Pittsburgh, which gives us complete control over the quality of our processes and equipment.

10 Reasons Why You Should Pelletize rCB

Why Pelletize rCB

Uncover the benefits and efficiencies of transforming rCB into pellets, enhancing sustainability and product quality in various industries. These aren't just any pellets but valuable commodities eagerly sought after by manufacturers in myriad applications.

Pin Mixers Transforming rCB Powder into Marketable Pellets

Old Tires to Premium Pellets

Production rates ranging from 0.15m3/hr to 40m3/hr

The Mars Mineral Pin Mixer is a pin-type solids processor customized to convert dust and powder into high-quality pellets with the addition of a binder, usually water. Our pelletizing technology can generate ASTM-grade pellets with high first-pass yields of 125 μm -1000 μm and hardness of 20 g - 50 g, which is the sweet spot for end-use feedstocks for the aerospace, appliance, automotive, coatings, electronics, industrial, marine, packaging, plastics, rubber, and tire manufacturing applications.

Create High-Value Feedstock for These Products

Pelletizing Pin Mixer

The rCB market was valued at USD 124.32 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 743.37 million by 2029.

Mars Mineral can help you capitalize on this growing market for pelletized rCB powder with our customized pin mixer technology. The pellets created by Mars Mineral pin mixers are integral in manufacturing various products, enhancing aesthetics, durability, and functionality.

  • Green Tires
  • Automotive Body Parts
  • Automotive Components
  • Aerospace
  • Computer Casings
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Marine Coatings
  • Packaging Film
  • Pipe Coatings
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Asphalt Additives
  • UV Protectants
  • Furniture
  • Sports Equipment

Test Options to Determine Pelletability

The table below summarizes the testing parameters and equipment used at Mars Mineral's in-house testing facility.

For technical questions, ROI projections and pricing, contact 724.538.3000 or info@marsmineral.com

Topic Options
Objective Demonstrate technical feasibility to produce pellets meeting customer specifications
Required quantity of powder for testing Minimum of 15 kg (25 lb) up to 200 kg (500 lb)
Standard test equipment readily available 8D32Li Pin Mixer
12D54Li Pin Mixer
P-30 Disc Pelletizer
D-30 Deep Drum Pelletizer
DP-14 Agglo-Miser
Auger Feeder
Fluid Bed Dryer
Lab scale drying oven
Drum or Bulk Bag Packaging
Additional processing equipment available Hammer mill
One ton mixer
Multiple auger feeders
Binder(s) Water or aqueous organic
Customer specified
Analytical test equipment Sieve analysis (particle and pellet size distribution)
Moisture balance
Automated or manual finished pellet hardness
Aerated bulk density
Attrition testing

Mars Mineral News Updates

Please stay connected with our recent projects, collaborations, and achievements that underscore our commitment to pelletizing excellence and environmental stewardship in the rCB industry.

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Learn more about turning ELT rCB powder into a high-quality feedstock that today's manufacturers demand.

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