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Mars Mineral maintains a laboratory and pilot scale testing facility to determine the process conditions needed to convert your powder into pellets using pin agglomerators and disc pelletizers or deep drum pelletizers. Please use the table below to determine which test option will best suit your needs.

Description Research Study Pilot Scale Development
Test Results Success based upon generation of customer-defined pellets, as determined by analysis Scale up data obtained and/or quantity pelletization
Required Quantity of Sample 5-10 Gallons;
15-25 Gallons for pin mixer pelletization
500 – 2200 lb (225 – 1000 kg)
Binders Water and 2 binder additives;
Additional binders will increase fee
Pre-determined binder
Equipment 8D32L Pin Mixer 12D54L Pin Mixer
Sample Yield Up to 500 lb (225 kg) ≥ 450 lb (200 kg) of pellets
Special Conditions None Milling, pre-treatment, mixing, special feeding, drying, screening, or post-treatment at extra charge
Price Up to $2,500.00 per test $3,000.00 per day (one day minimum charge)

Terms & Conditions

Description of Laboratory Fees

The quoted laboratory testing rates are for the use of our facility, equipment, laboratory technicians and supporting personnel. The laboratory fees are charged either as a standard price (for Research Study), or at a daily rate (for Pilot Scale Development).

The Pilot Scale test is based upon a daily charge, plus expenses for optional processing equipment or materials. The daily charge is a minimum fee. The number of days quoted for your project includes estimated time for set up of the pelletizing system, for clean up upon the test completion, special pre- or post- treatment of materials or pellets (milling, mixing, drying etc.) and for preparation of the test report.

Daily, Overtime and Weekend Rates

The normal daily rate is for an eight (8) hour day, 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Time exceeding the normal workday will be invoiced at overtime rates. No overtime will be performed without written authorization by the customer.

Extraneous Supplies

Any special supplies needed for a test, and to be supplied by Mars Mineral, must be authorized by the customer in writing and will be invoiced at our cost plus 15%. All unused supplies will be returned to the customer upon completion of the test.

Forms Required for Testing

Before any testing begins, Mars Mineral must have in possession:

  • A completed Agglomeration Questionnaire (online or (PDF)
  • Applicable Safety Data Sheet(s) (SDS)

Acceptance of Materials

Written authorization from Mars Mineral must be obtained by the customer prior to shipment, or Mars Mineral will not accept the shipment. Mars Mineral will not consider authorizing material shipment without prior receipt of a Safety Data Sheet.

Failure of the customer to properly notify Mars Mineral in writing about the properties of the materials will indemnify and hold Mars Mineral harmless from and against any and all claims, suits or other liability whatsoever arising from or connected with any such injury, death or damage.

Material sent to Mars Mineral should be packaged in 5-gallon pails for small samples. Larger samples will be accepted in drums (not to exceed 500 pounds per drum), or in bulk bags with bottom spout (not to exceed 2,000 pounds). Packaging other than this must be cleared with Mars Mineral prior to shipment.

Send materials to: Mars Mineral; 128 Myoma Road; Mars, PA 16046 USA, Attention Test Lab.

Return of Materials

Mars Mineral policy requires that all materials shipped to us for testing will be returned to the customer. There are no exceptions. The materials will include unused raw materials, product, off spec material and clean up.

Arrangements for the return of the materials must be made prior to the test. All charges for the return of the material will be to the customer’s account and will be invoiced with the testing charges. To facilitate this, customers may provide their shipping account number on their secure, online Agglomeration Questionnaire (see Forms Required for Testing, above).

In the event that the testing is delayed or partially completed due to reasons beyond the control of Mars Mineral, the material will be held for a maximum of 30 days from the delay date. After 30 days, the material will be returned to the customer by freight collect. If the customer refuses delivery of the material, it will be disposed of in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet and the customer will be billed for all related costs.

Test Scheduling/Completion

All tests will be scheduled according to the arrival date of materials, required forms, and laboratory fee down payment. This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Mars Mineral will notify the customer of the scheduled test date and will make every effort to hold the date selected.

Terms of Payment

The following payment terms will apply to all testing:

  • 50% required with the purchase order and completed forms for testing
  • 50% required upon completion of the test and prior to the submittal of the test report and shipment of samples
  • International customers must pay 100% of test fee and cost of return material shipment prior to receiving authorization to ship raw material for testing.
Mars Mineral • Po Box 719 • Mars, PA 16046 • tel:724-538-3000 • fax:724-538-5078 • info@marsmineral.com

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