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Mars, PA, May 2, 2016 – Mars Mineral, a leader in the design and production of agitation pelletizing equipment and systems, has introduced a new line of pin mixers, known as Pin Mixer PRO, that are customized for specific applications. Pin Mixer PRO is the key process equipment that enables companies to convert fines, dusts and powders into value-added pellets that are easy to handle, package, and transport. Pin Mixer PRO has been specially designed to create pellets directly from fine powdered materials such as recovered carbon black, dried chicken manure, and biochar. Pin Mixer PRO is available in a series of models capable of processing from 0.03 to 90 tons of powder per hour.

“Customers told us what they need, and we listened,” says Craig Vaughan, General Manager of Mars Mineral’s. “With growing demand for recovered carbon black, organic and other specialty fertilizers, and specialty aggregates, there is ample opportunity for companies to turn materials traditionally considered waste into new, value-added revenue streams. Our technology makes it easier than ever for metals manufacturers, mineral and coal mining companies, poultry farmers, power generation facilities, scrap tire processors, and others to convert powders into pellets that are easy to handle and transport, create and customize new product formulations, and enhance their bottom lines.”

The Pin Mixer PRO-DFP converts dusts, fines and powders generated in mineral or metal processing operations into marketable products while the Pin Mixer PRO-RCB transforms recovered carbon black powder into a revenue-producing feedstock for products in a variety of industries, particularly plastics, rubber, inks and caulking. Another model, the Pin Mixer PRO-CM, converts dried chicken manure from layer or broiler operations into pellets for use as moisture-retaining, organic fertilizers and soil amendments for agriculture, managed turf, nursery and home gardening applications. Likewise, the Pin Mixer PRO-BOC makes it possible to convert biochar and other biomass into moisture retaining, soil amendments that facilitate the growth of beneficial soil organisms for healthier plants, higher crop yields, and faster germination and growth of re-vegetative grasses.    
About Mars Mineral
Mars Mineral ( manufactures agitation pelletizing equipment and systems that convert dusts, fines and powders into pellets used in manufacturing, processing, and agricultural applications. Pellets made from these fine materials with Mars Mineral equipment come from a variety of manufacturing and mining sources or processes, including clay, coal, glass dust, lime and cement, metals, minerals, pulp and paper, rubber, chemicals (industrial, agricultural and process) and reprocessed tires. Applications for these pellets include ceramics, masonry and construction materials, organic and specialty fertilizers, and pigments and coatings. The company also offers a wide range of research and testing services, and pilot scale development. Mars Mineral’s 45,000 square-foot production facility is located in Mars, PA, near Pittsburgh. 
Mars Mineral is a division of Woodward Inc., which specializes in the design, fabrication and assembly of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products used a wide variety of industries including the metals industry, particularly steel, mining and aggregates, power generation, construction, and food processing.  Woodward Inc. also offers a variety of design and engineering services, and has been in business for more than 50 years.

For more information, contact Craig Vaughan at 724.538.3000 or or visit

Pin Mixer PRO

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP

Convert dusts, fines and powders
into marketable products or
easy-to-dispose waste.


Transform rCB into a revenueproducing
feedstock for products
in a variety of industries.

Pin Mixer PRO-CM

Convert chicken manure into
organic fertilizers and soil
amendments with moisture
retention properties.

Pin Mixer PRO-BOC

Convert biochar and other
organic waste into moisture
retaining soil amendments and
beneficial soil organisms for
faster growth in managed turf
and residential applications.


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